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APN 201

About the project

Using his own savings APN201 wants to show that you can make art without grants.
As long as you have brain that is producing ideas you can do anything.
This page is a collection of pictures, videos and text. Describing the art work and the process around it.

Info: info@apn201.com

Thank you HLEF!

ART?Posted by APN201 Mon, November 30, 2015 09:29:07

Helsinki Short Film Festival (HLEF) was amazing. Great films, great people, great party. It was especially nice to share opinions with great gurus like P.V. Lehtinen.

My film, Brainwash, did not win, but that does not matter. The aspect of demonstrating the effects of torture by torturing the audience might not be the best way to get their sympathy.

Anyway the film that won (the experimental contest), Teemapuisto by Risto-Pekka Blom, was my personal favorite. Best film won.

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